Loss of a Beloved Student

November 29, 2018

Dear Parents,

I am sorry to inform you that one of our high school students was struggling with issues and chose to end his life yesterday. We do not have many details at this point and ask that you respect the privacy of the family by not spreading rumors.

This can be difficult for us to understand. Some students and families may experience a variety of emotions: shock, sadness, fear, even anger. What is most important is that we care for and support each other...and that we reach out to others.

We have made plans to respond to your child's emotional needs throughout the day. If your family has experienced something similar, this incident may bring up a number of feelings. This is normal.

Please let us know if you need support during this difficult time. Also, realize that the grieving process looks different to all of us so please be aware of this as you and your family go through the day in support of each other.

We have included information on our website, Burr Oak Community Schools


Terry Conklin