Burr Oak Step Up is accepting applications at this time. Please make sure that you have your full application filled out along with any transcripts from your former school turned in to the Virtual Academy. After you get this turned in please make sure you answer the phone call to get your verbal Eligibility Form completed to finalize your application for review of acceptance into the program.


Burr Oak Step Up can enroll students from all over the State of Michigan and is intended for students in grades 6-12 who struggle with traditional six course schedules. Enrolled students are still required to participate in the mandatory testing and assessments as mandated by the MDE (Michigan Department of Education).

Step Up is an intensive, year-round high school completion program. Students that were not counted at a school on “count day” have an opportunity to ear high school credits by completing at least one class per month online.  Every student receives a computer and internet connectivity, allowing them to access their course work anytime. Students are assigned an advocate who work with the student to help select classes and determine the best methods for high school completion. Students must complete their class in a month and make contact with their advocate to remain in the program. Students who complete all 18 required course credits and meet the Michigan Merit Curriculum will earn their Burr Oak Step Up diploma.


Application for Burr Oak Step Up can be found below. If you have questions while filling out the application please call 1-800-297-2119 and ask for the enrollment office.

Burr Oak Step-Up Application Form