Scholarships and Grants

Scholarships and grants are awarded by colleges, business, industry, and through private sources in recognition of individual student abilities and needs. These abilities are usually academic but may be artistic, technical, or athletic.  Good character, integrity, and citizenship, in addition to scholarship, are fundamental qualities sought in every scholarship candidate. Upperclassmen are encouraged to consult with their counselor or principal early for details and information concerning scholarships and grants available. Each student has the privilege and obligation to determine his/her educational, social, and vocational future.  The guidance services are assigned to provide competent assistance to students at any time.  All faculty members, counselors and the principal are available for assistance, as well as high school teachers.

Student Responsibility: It is up to each student to pursue scholarships, read the details required to apply, and complete all aspects required and then submit. Completion of these scholarships does not become the responsibility of teachers and counselors; they are there to advise and assist. Checking email daily is part of this process. Scholarship reminders and options are often posted in Google Classroom several times each year and reminders are given verbally and in writing to seniors throughout the year. We encourage students to learn about their options and encourage them to apply when they qualify.

We encourage all students to complete the FAFSA. Be reminded that all education after high school is considered further education and funding sources begin with the completion of the FAFSA. There is a required parent tax component to the FAFSA even if the parent is not helping the student pay for college. Please ask school personnel for help if needed. Begin the FAFSA process by setting up accounts through the link below.

List of Scholarships Available

  • The Maurice and Virginia Hecht Scholarship

Each year a maximum of ten (10) scholarships will be awarded to graduating seniors who are continuing their education as full time students at a degree granting institution.  The scholarship is in the amount of a minimum of $500.00.  New applicants must be received each year by May 15th; Renewals must be received by July 15; amounts will be announced after the July 15 deadline.  Forms and details of the application procedure are available in the counselor’s, principal’s/superintendent’s office.

  • Zimmers Scholarship

The valedictorian and salutatorian of each graduating class will receive a scholarship of up to $100.00.

  • Burr Oak Community Scholarship

An essay is required.   The student must be enrolled in at least 12 credit hours at an accredited college or vocational school.  Scholarships will be awarded – not to exceed the principle. (Apply by April 1st)

  • Dennis Root Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship will be awarded yearly and will be determined by the scholarship committee as appointed by the family. Currently, the students applying must have competed in two varsity sports, preferred minimum GPA of 3.0, and write an essay. Details will be provided by the guidance counselor to seniors. (Apply by May 1st)

  • Sturgis Area Community Foundation Scholarships 

Sturgis Area Community Foundation: Applicants must be graduating seniors or current college students from high schools in St. Joseph County, Michigan.  Applicants must have completed the. (Apply by March 1st - FAFSA must be completed to apply)

  • The Michigan Masonic Charitable Foundation Scholarship

Contact the school counselor for an application and requirements. 

Note: Scholarship requirements subject to change per each provider.