Early Middle College and Dual Enrollment

Early Middle College (also known as EMC) is a program approved by the Michigan Department of Education. This is a 5-year high school track in which the students can earn the following:

  • 60 transferrable credits

  • an associate degree

  • a professional certification

  • a MEMCA technical certificate

  • participation in a registered apprenticeship

A professional certification is any certificate or industry-recognized credential for which a pupil prepared by taking course work provided by an eligible postsecondary institution. 

Please contact the school counselor for information about enrollment eligibility, charges paid by the District, eligible institutions, and other matters related to dual enrollment and the early middle college program.

Dual enrollment is a program offering for students who qualify.

According to the State of Michigan Public Act 131 of 2012, qualifying students in grades 9-12 may attend college as a dual enrolled student at a postsecondary institution. Eligible students are those who are enrolled in at least one high school course and have taken the MME in all subject areas—Math, Science, Reading, Writing, and Social Studies. If the student has not completed and received credits in all subject areas, he/she is eligible to take courses limited to the subject areas in which the student has received credits.

Students are eligible to take courses within subject areas in which there are no endorsements, such as foreign language or computer science, or courses not offered by the district as long as students have taken all parts of the MME AND has been recommended by the high school counselor.

Burr Oak Community Schools covers the costs of tuition and applicable fees, and students are eligible to enroll in a maximum of 10 courses throughout their high school career.

Note: This is different than students in the Early Middle College program who can obtain more credits.

This limit does not apply if the student covers costs or if there is a written agreement between the high school and the college.


There are local and Glen Oaks requirements for students to be considered and recommended to take college classes. For more detailed information click on the following link, https://www.glenoaks.edu/admissions/high-school-options/early-middle-college/, or contact the school counselor.

Placement Testing

Students must take the Accuplacer, OR have qualifying ACT/SAT scores OR submit a high school transcript to be evaluated in order to take most classes with Glen Oaks. Students interested in taking a math course, may take the ALEKS test to determine placement.