Science Olympiad Team

On March 5, 2018 Burr Oak High School participated in the local Science Olympiad competition at KVCC. This is an event where schools compete in a number of scientific and engineering events.

The program was introduced to the high school science teacher, Jennifer Sutton by Hanna Poley, a new bright eyed freshman. Mrs.Sutton was happy to compete and wanted to know more about it and get more students involved. Mrs.Sutton soon got kids interested and and the first team consisted of nine students.

Although it was the first year, Burr Oak took home a few awards. Noah Norton and Ethan Grubb placed 7th in Fermi questions. Noah Norton and Paige Poley placed 6th in optics. Ethan Grubb and Leslie Hernandez placed 7th in rocks and minerals.  

The experience of Science Olympiad and the environment was explained as “lively and fun” by Hanna Poley. The team as a whole said they viewed the experience as  an “eye opening learning experience.”