Glen Oaks Community College is ensuring continuity of instruction to all students, including students in dual-enrollment (DE) and Early Middle College (EMC) programs, as well as dual-credit CTE programs in close collaboration with St. Joseph ISD. For purposes of the college credit, the remainder of the outcomes must be covered, so instruction has to continue in some form for the issuance of a final grade.

For all K-12 students, the College will report two grades to partner high schools: the midterm grade, which was recorded as of early March, and the final grade. This will allow schools to hold students harmless for purposes of the high school transcript by using the higher of the two reported grades.

For the vast majority of Winter 2020 courses, continuity is achieved through moving instruction to the online environment. The College has identified students, including K-12 DE/EMC/CTE dual-credit students, via text message polls and via faculty feedback, and has provided a number of laptops and Internet hotspots to students without Internet access. Faculty have been instructed to implement flexible ways to reach course outcomes with individual students who continue to face challenges, including by sending assignment via regular mail. This also meets the requirement for grade 12 students who were failing a course as of March 11, 2020 an opportunity to the extent feasible to demonstrate learning in the subject matter of the course and receive credit for the course, as well as the requirement to continue to offer nonessential elective courses required for graduation to pupils through alternative modes of instruction for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.

A small number of courses with a significant hands-on component (labs), especially those in the occupational areas such as welding or automotive, cannot meet all their course outcomes online. For these, instructors will assign a grade of Incomplete (“I”) to all students, and special arrangements will be made for students to complete the remaining hands-on activities once the College is able to reopen its campus. GOCC will work with high schools to determine reporting of individual student grades for hands-on courses to local districts for purposes of meeting graduation requirements and for students who were failing as of March 11; College credit/final grade on the GOCC transcript for such courses will continue to have to follow the requirements of the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) for ensuring quality of credit-bearing offerings by following the Incomplete process, as described above.

Michael M. Goldin, Ph.D.
Vice President of Academics
Glen Oaks Community College
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