2017/18 Athletes Recognized: In Burr Oak, we believe that multi-sport athletes should be recognized for their hard work and dedication. The effort and time they put into athletics and school as student athletes is something of which to be proud. Look for the students in Triple Threat t-shirts and give them a congratulatory hand shake. 

Tri Athletes:
Noah Greene   Football, Basketball, Baseball
Sydney Owens  Volleyball Basketball Cheer Softball, Track
Nathan White    Football Mgr, Bowling & Golf
Hailey Carder  Volleyball, Basketball, Softball
Abby Greene  Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Track 
Braxton Hernandez   Football, Basketball, Baseball
Noah Norton  Bowling, Basketball, Baseball, Track
Andrea Nelson  Basketball, Volleyball, Cheer, Softball
Maya Ringler  Basketball, Cheer, Track
Madison Jennett  Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Track
Kayta Munoz  Basketball, Volleyball, Cheer, Track Softball
Kieyrra Cook  Volleyball, Basketball, Softball
Ethan Grubb   Football, Bowling, Basketball, Track, Baseball
Bomb Rojantham  Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track
Cierra Brown  Cheer, Track Softball
Matthew Greene  Football, Basketball, Baseball
Isaiah Palmer  Football, Basketball, Baseball
Damion Ultz  Football, Basketball, Baseball