Summer Rec Schedule

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Following is an outline of recreational activities and prices we are offering this summer:  Recreation is subject to change (depending on available chaperones and bus drivers) **PLEASE NOTE** If there is ANY chance you may want to volunteer with us, and you have not been cleared through the school, please let me know now so we can get clearance right away.  Do not let the fees get in the way of allowing your child to sign up for these activities.  We will work with you (and/or waive the fees if circumstances warrant this) – just call and ask.  Please star the activities your child would like to be involved in.  Return this ASAP so I can determine numbers and staff (much of this is free thanks to the school, the Burr Oak Foundation, the United Way, and the other donations we receive).  Again, this schedule is subject to change, but you will be notified in advance.

Beginning June 4th and ending in August, we will run a FREE breakfast and lunch program for ages up to 18 (closed for the July 4th week). 

June 4th through June 15th is our required Summer School (grades 5-12): These students will begin with breakfast at 8:30, attend class 9-12, and eat lunch @ 12:00.  High School/MS Students will receive letters if they are required to go.

Burr Oak Library will hold their summer reading program on Tuesdays 10-11:30am    We will join them when we can.


     June 13th Wednesday Field Trip:  trip to Kalamazoo Valley Museum:  9:00am breakfast; leave 9:30; return @ approx. 2pm Cost is free. Lunches provided


     June 15th – Friday Field Trip:  Coldwater Movie Theater (The Incredibles II):  leave by 10am Cost is $4 …also SPLASH Park and sack lunches afterward… Return by 3:30pm


     June 18th through June 22nd —Camp Fort Hill (ages 7-12 only): 9:00-3:45 all week; breakfast, lunch and transportation provided (flier needs to be completed and returned to School). Camp Fort Hill charges us $85 (so please do not sign them up if they have to miss days); but your payment to us is $20. Meet at school 8:45 return by 3:45.


      June 26th will include a library event (Animals Around the World are coming in) and ARTS/CRAFTS… breakfast @ 8:30 and lunch @ 11:30 Cost is free.


     June 27th Tin Caps Baseball game (Fort Wayne) 9:30am breakfast; SPLASH DAY! (and $1 food day) Cost is $3. Return @ 5-5:30?   Lunches will be provided.


     June 28th will include Canoeing (at school):  9:00am breakfast; healthy snacks/canoeing activities from 9:30-11:30; lunch @ 11:30 Cost is free.


      July 10th will include a library event (Science in Music) and Introduce Disc Golf   breakfast @ 9:15 and lunch @ 11:30 Cost is free.


      July 12th   ARTS/CRAFTS   breakfast @ 8:30 and lunch @ 11:30 Cost is free.

     July 13th – Friday Field Trip:  Popcorn Theater (Charlotte’s Web):  8:30am breakfast; lunch @ 11:30 Cost is $3


      July 17th will include trip to CADE Lake for Disc Golf   breakfast @ 8:30 and lunch @ 11:30 Cost is FREE


      July 19th   ARTS/CRAFTS   breakfast @ 8:30 and lunch @ 11:30 Cost is free.


     July 20th Friday Field Trip:  Roller Skating (if there is enough interest) … let us know   Cost is $3



July 23rd to August 3rd:  be here by 8:15am for breakfast (bus leaves 8:30); SWIMMING LESSONS and additional recreation (until 11:30 or 12 lunch) will be provided; Cost is $15. Forms should be filled out and returned to School. (They charge us $45 so if your child will miss many days, please do not sign them up) (Return from pool 10:30ish) The additional recreation will include things like games, making healthy snacks, playground time, walking trips, library activities, etc. See some of the specifics below which will happen AFTER swimming:


    July 23rd will include Fun Drama skits:  breakfast @ 8:15am; Fun Drama games after swimming until lunch @ 11:30 Cost is free.


     July 24thbreakfast @8:15… Kickball and playground until lunch @ 11:30 


     July 25thbreakfast @8:15… Community Service Day/scavenger hunt and ice cream at Mamma Mia’s until lunch @ 11:30  FREE


     July 26th will include Simple Gymnastics/healthy snacks:  8:15 breakfast; until lunch at 11:30     Cost is free.


     July 27thBegin Heritage Days with Mother’s Club sponsored Bike-a-thon from 12:30-1:30 (lunch @ 11:30am and registration @ 12pm).  Part of the proceeds will go toward our summer rec program.  If you star this one, we will send you the pledge form in the mail. Prizes and bikes will be given again. Winners will be in the parade the next day. Also, from 2-4 will be a Free Kids Carnival where pony rides will be given.


      July 30th   ARTS/CRAFTS (after swimming)   breakfast @ 8:15 and lunch @ 12pm Cost is free.


     July 31st – will include a library event (Volcanoes/Earthquakes) after swimming  breakfast @ 8:15 and lunch @ 11:30 Cost is free.


     August 1stBasketball and Soccer (after swimming) until lunch @ 12pm   FREE


     August 2nd – Volleyball and Football (after swimming) until lunch at 12pm   FREE


     August 3rd  -- be here for breakfast; when we return from swimming lessons, the  additional recreation  is field trip to Ideal Beach Water Park  leaving @ approx. 10:45 and returning @ approx. 4:30.  Cost is $3 plus $2 to ride the slides (must be 42”) and child must have taken swimming lessons in the past.


       August 6th through August 17th is our 2nd required Summer School (elem): These students will begin with breakfast at 8:30, attend class 9-12, and eat lunch @ 12:00. Students will receive letters if they are required to go. Others may come if there is room.