Inspiring Learners

January 8, 2021

Dear Parents: 

You are our partners in education. You were your child’s first teacher. I believe we all want the same outcomes for children, which is to provide them with basic knowledge and learning opportunities to be a successful citizen in the future. To do this, even more so during these odd times, we need your help. 

Based on feedback from multiple stakeholders including parents, children, and teachers, we have determined there are simple things you can do to help your child be successful in school whether they are on campus or learning from home. 

  1. Begin checking grades on Synergy the first or second week of every marking period and consistently once a week after that. 

    1. It is harder to dig out of a hole the longer you wait and there are late policies to keep in mind at the high school level. 

    2. Students have worked posted daily in Google Classroom, Seesaw, Edmentum, etc. Help ensure that your child completes and submits their work on time.

  2. Communicate with teachers immediately when you have concerns. Do not wait to address a child’s poor grades at the end of the marking period. 

    1. This quarter ends on March 12. 

    2. Progress reports will be run on February 5

    3. You can schedule a phone call or Zoom meeting with a teacher to discuss any issues. Reach out via email. 

    4. We value your input. Reach out at any time to share celebrations, concerns, ideas. 

  3. ALL teacher communications to students and parents are logged. 

  4. For attendance to be marked positive for a student, they must communicate back to the teachers. Two-way communication is a mandated requirement at the state level. For at home learners, this is especially important because it is the ONLY way to track attendance and avoid truancy. 

  5. All teachers have office hours (see post titled: Second Semester). It is also safe to say that they often check emails and work outside of those hours, but if you message a teacher in the evening, you might not get a response until the next day. If for some reason you still have not heard from them, email again or call the office. 

  6. Athlete eligibility: Please read the athletic handbook updates (can be found at 

                                                                          Kristina Owens